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Pop-up models

A user action will open a popup window with a model.

jmolFile tag

The link cyclohexane will open a popup window displaying taken from this wiki

<jmolFile text='cyclohexane'>Chair.cml</jmolFile>

jmolMol tag

The link in your coffee will open a popup window displaying caffeine

<jmolMol text='something in your coffee'>caffeine</jmolMol>

and something in vinegar

jmolSmiles tag

The link nitrobenzene will open a popup window displaying nitrobenzene

<jmolSmiles text='nitrobenzene'>c1ccccc1[N+](=O)[O-]</jmolSmiles>

jmolPdb tag

The link adipocyte lipid binding protein will open a popup window displaying 1ab0.pdb

<jmolPdb text='adipocyte lipid binding protein'>1ab0</jmolPdb>

jmolAppletButton tag

jmolAppletLink tag

Adipocyte lipid binding protein

Pop-in models

User action will insert a model within the page.

jmolAppletInlineLink tag

Using urlContents

Adipocyte lipid binding protein

In-page models

A model is inserted as part of the page at page load time.

jmolApplet tag

Using uploadedFileContents

A model stored in a file in this wiki

Chair conformation of cyclohexane

Using urlContents

A file retrieved from the PDB

Murine adipocyte lipid binding protein at pH 4.5 (1AB0.pdb)

Using inlineContents

This is 1-propanol

Using wikiPageContents

Data read from the page Models/2-propanol

This is 2-propanol

Using script

This box might hold a 3D model
    <title>This box might hold a 3D model</title> 
    <script> echo Hi there! </script>