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Note that I could not find a includes/mime.types file in main wiki folder ...

Newer MW versions locate that in includes/libs/mime/mime.types

I may be related: I could not manage to allow the upload of .sdf .mol . But .cml files works (I followed these instructions)

this works





this also works...

<jmol> <jmolApplet> <uploadedFileContents>Chair.cml</uploadedFileContents> </jmolApplet> </jmol>

this also works...

demo - note: needs at least one char on first line of inline content

Using script

This box might hold a 3D model

    <title>This box might hold a 3D model</title> 
    <script> echo Hi there! </script>


Using urlContents

A file retrieved from the PDB

Murine adipocyte lipid binding protein at pH 4.5 (1AB0.pdb)