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This list is tentative - It has not been validated by (all) the authors.

Working software and tools
Software Platform Product/tool Developer Language/Operating system Version NMReDATA Supported NMReDATA versions NMR Record Examples of output Documentation License/availability
JSmol J_reader Angel Herráez JavaScript V 1.0 Visualize/edit tags, generate/edit 3D structures 2.0 Read/Add Files/Write pending... main features CC BY-SA 4.0
Tospin CMC-se Included in the freee Topspin licence for academia Bruker Biospin Any system running Topspin V 4.0.8 read/write 1.1 Write pending CMC-se manual [1]
nmrshiftdb2 QuickCheck Stefan Kuhn Web browser 4.1.12 generate/write 1.0 & 1.1 generate link
Javatools see github Stefan Kuhn Any Java-enabled Pre-alpha generate/write/validate 1.0 & 1.1 generate [2] LGPL v3.0
Spectrus Spectrus using a script ACD/Labs Windows v. 2017.2 and above generate/write 1.0 generate/write
Mnova Integrated Mestrelab Any system running Mnova 14.1.1 read/write 1.1 read/write example Commercial, campus licence
cheminfo nmredata Alejandro Bolaños Julien Wist Javascript node module V? read/write? 1.1 generate (When spectra are available) pending request
WebCocon Export option Jochen Junker Web browser V? write 1.1 n/a pending request

Announced Software & tools
Software Platform Product/tool Developer Language/Operating system Version NMReDATA NMR Record Examples of output
Matlab/Octave NMReDATA_View Damien Jeannerat Any system running matalab/octave V0 (will be on GitHub) when ready for test read read
NOMAD Tomas Lebl
Firefox/Google Chrome Julien Wist Any running Firefox/Google Chrome generate generate

"Comparison of NMReDATA versions (under construction)"