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Annonced Software & tools
Developer Company/Software Version NMReDATA NMR Record Examples of output
Bruker Bruker/CMCse V. ? write write
ACD/Lab. ACD/Lab. Spectrus V. 2017.2 and later write (?) write (?)
Mestrelab Mestrelab Mnova Annonced for Q1 2018 ?
Damien Jeannerat Mnova script exporting .mnova files V.1.1 (see below) write NMR records
Damien Jeannerat Unix script V.1 (see below) read -> write
Java + CDK read/write
Damien Jeannerat Matlab/Octave Display record content read

The unix script written for Mac converting Mnova files to nmredata.sdf files and generating NMR records (when the spectral data are at their original locations) was written by Damien Jeannerat. It is available on github. If is probably also working on linux systems. It requires Mnova to be installed because it relies on Mnova script for the generation of the NMReDATA.